कोरोना आणि कलेचा ‘काळ’

कोरोना या प्रकरणाविषयी २०२० सालच्या सुरवातीपर्यंत जनसामान्यांना कल्पनाही नव्हती. फारतर करोना नावाची एक बुटांची कंपनी माहित होती. जगाच्या इतिहासात येऊन गेलेल्या साथीच्या रोगांची माहिती शालेय इतिहासात येऊन गेली होती. आणि

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Peanuts for the Sellers of Magic Beans

The other day, I had an enlightening conversation with my two-year-old niece. Our conversations have levelled up from being in philosophical gibberish to philosophical Marathi these days and I couldn’t

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Dancers Don’t Talk About Dance

“Dancers don’t talk about dance, dancers talk about other dancers!” A very wise eighty two year old friend of mine once said this to me in an unknown, unhinged moment,

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All the Whole World – Our Stage?

Indian theatre and other performing arts have always been rooted in tradition. Performed in various Indian languages and in English, theatre in India today has immense diversity and potential. Younger

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