International Theatre Festival

Many people have had a hand in inventing, developing, producing and promoting the work of IAPAR since we took our first steps in 2013. We felt it necessary to host a celebration to bring together friends and artists from across the globe, taking the first step towards a sustained effort in curating a festival with a purpose of bringing innovative performances to the city and have their work performed in our festival.

The performers themselves come from varied backgrounds, with reference to social, political, individualistic as well as artistic dynamics. This brings in cultural, intellectual and humanistic diversity to the festival and facilitates a healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives. Through excellent national and international performances, conversations, seminars and various drama activities, IAPAR International Theatre Festival is soon becoming an important window to display national as well asĀ  international theatre par excellence.

Theatre Matters

Theatrical performance is a universal cultural phenomenon that exists almost in every society around the world. Theater survives and flourishes even in the age of multiple-choice digital media. What makes theater so attractive and effective? Why does it hold the power to engage people from all age groups and all strata of society? What is it that urges artists from different parts of the world to be a part of a global theatre community, present their performances within such communities and share their experiences? IAPAR is a study center of all these fundamental questions. It is only by meeting each other, knowing different ways of expression and understanding each other’s art, the artists feel truly accomplished. We aim at providing a vibrant platform to the artists and theatre community reinstating the fact that theatre matters.