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Welcome to IAPAR

Welcome to International Association for Performing Arts and Research. We are a network of Artists and Arts Professionals seeking to exchange ideas, increase opportunity within the arts and connect all within it. We are not a network only for actors, or arts academicians or cultural curators, but we are a network for all and we believe we can provide a rare opportunity for an exchange and dialogue across the whole of the arts.


There are several networks worldwide with their national chapters in different countries. Most of such networks are for academics. There are many national and international festivals which offer a space for interaction for performing artists, such as Bharat Ranga Mahotsav in India or Edinburgh International Theatre Festival in Scotland, UK. But there is no network that actually tries to combine both, the artists / performers as well as academia. There are several opportunities for performers to develop intercultural and international tie ups, but there is scarcity for such facility available to academics. The exchanges take place only between the specific universities and these rarely allow free flowing structures of interactions with artist community from other cultures. The interdisciplinary approach is rare if we look at the collaborations between artists and academics.  

 The Need for the network

Do we need this kind of network? I believe, yes. Many of the networks are focusing on one area or aspect of performing arts, and rightfully so. This network would be a brave step towards trying to look at multiple aspects of performing arts in one frame work. This kind of network offers more interaction across the disciplines. The interdisciplinary approach would be a reality in this kind of network. There are very rare opportunities for the practitioners to have a dialogue across cultures. It is comparatively easier to initiate academic conversations. But to look at the experiential understanding of an artist and articulate it in such way that it contributes to the ‘knowledge’ is a tough task. IAPAR aims to work in this direction.