In addition to the full-time projects, IAPAR offers a variety of master classes, workshops and short programmes for children as well as adults throughout the year. The workshops are designed to enhance the artistic and personal enrichment of the participants, planned meticulously and facilitated by art practitioners, teachers and performers. We believe in creating opportunities of long-term learning through a range of workshops that focus on acting and theatre, clowning, voice and speech, voice-overs, physical theatre and contemporary movement with special emphasis on improvisational skills, writing and storytelling and encouraging interdisciplinary approach between literature and visual art.

Some of the workshops that we’ve been regularly hosting include –

For Children

Anandrang (Art Orientation Workshops)

CoolPhi (Introduction to Philosophy)

Word Image (A unique workshop exploring text and visuals)

For Grown-Ups

Voice and Speech

Contemporary Dance

Introduction to Clowning

Science, Philosophy and Arts Workshops